GEPRO Head Lice Treatment

September 14, 2016

GEPRO All Natural Lice Oil Herbal Spray was developed by Veronica Robinson, a fully qualified industrial chemist. As a mother, Veronica wanted to be able to use an effective – but gentle – treatment for her daughter.

Educated in the UK, Veronica was frustrated with chemical treatments that were ineffective and harsh on her daughter’s hair to the point they burnt her scalp.
Following extensive laboratory tests, Veronica developed an all-natural product that really works.

Contains special blends of all natural plant extract to treat head lice.
Simply spray onto the scalp, comb through dry hair to remove eggs and dead lice, leave for 30 minutes and wash out for with normal shampoo.
Best of all, GEPRO is organic, so no more burning or nasty chemicals.
Many head lice treatments are very severe and burn the scalp, while others can be very messy to use.

                                                        About Lice
Once contracted, adult head lice live under the skin layers of the scalp and excrete saliva that can cause severe irritation. They lay eggs (nits) which stick to the hair.
Eggs hatch after about seven days and mature rapidly to lay more eggs within 14 days. Adult lice jump from head to head and spread rapidly.

Many shampoos and other treatments rarely manage to kill lice, and if eggs are still present, they can hatch and start a new infestation in just a few weeks.
Even if all eggs are carefully removed with a nit comb, your child may easily become re-infested from another child.

Because GEPRO All Natural Lice Oil Herbal Spray is natural, you can use it regularly to both treat and protect your, and your children’s, hair from lice.
So, if you know lice ‘are going around’, you can use GEPRO with full confidence to provide safe protection.

This is what users say:
“I’d tried so many lice products over many months when lice ‘hit’ my daughter’s school. It became a tortuous weekly ritual, and none of them worked! I was so glad someone recommended GEPRO. It’s easy to use, causes no tears, and works!”
Jane R, Perth



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