Eyeglass, Spectacles, Sunglass Repair Kit SnapIt Twin Pack

https://vimeo.com/217421971At last, this great little repair kit for spectacles and sunglasses is here SnapIt introduces the first improvement to eyeglass repair kits in decades!

Product highlights include:
• The Chamfer design to create a clean, flat,  and smooth breakaway point
• An extended hand breakable feeder tab for easier  handling and insertion in frames
• Insertion into frames that have a high temple is  now possible without tools
• Repair of ‘spring hinges’ is now possible without  the use of special tools
• The stainless steel design will cut new threads to  repair stripped threads, preventing future screw loss
• SnapIt screws are fully threaded and can be  inserted from the top or bottom of the hinge
The Snapitscrew Retail Kit is available for you to fix your own glasses; each kit contains 5 screws with a screwdriver which is held inside a plastic tube for easy transportation.
2 for $19 delivered.   

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