Bondic® - TWIN PACK STARTER KIT - LED UV - Liquid Plastic Welder

With Bondic® you can Bond, Build and Fill almost anything. 

2 x Original Bondic® Starter Kits From Canada - Shipped Fast From Australian Stock     

Direct Bargain Warehouse a Perth based business is very pleased to be an official selling partner in Australia for Bondic®-The most innovative DIY tool in 100 years.

We import direct from the Canadian manufacturer to offer the best price and best service on Bondic®

So Throw Your Super Glue Away And Fix Virtually Anything


Bondic® allows you to re-attach broken eyeglasses, refill holes in leaky plumbing, and rebuild just about anything – even fine china! Just apply the unique liquid formula to the damaged area, shine the special UV light on it for only 4 seconds, and voila!

The liquid freezes into a rock-solid layer of clear plastic on your command!

Stop struggling with items that could be an easy fix – get it done right the first time with Bondic®!

  • Extremely Strong – Once it cures, the liquid plastic formula is designed to last forever, ensuring you get a long-lasting hold.
  • Works On Any Surface – Metal, wood, glass, plastic, ceramics — you name it, Bondic® handles it!
  • No Messes – Kiss sticky fingers goodbye. Bondic® only cures when exposed to UV light, so you decide when (and where) the results end up. Everything is 100% under your control!
  • Won’t Dry Out – Bondic® is not a glue, so it won’t dry out in the bottle before you can use it again. Keep using it for years!
  • Thousands of Satisfied Customers – Our very simple 4-step process (clean, fill, cure and shape) has helped thousands fix almost anything, saving countless precious items from ending up in the trash.
  • Safe For Everyone – Bondic® is non-toxic, and once cured (unlike a glue gun), requires no heat! Use it around the house, no problem!




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