Fruit Fly Trap Kit - 2 Traps - 15 Refills - For Queensland Fruit Fly

The Queensland fruit fly is native to to North East Australia, occurring in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and the NT and occasionally Canberra.

It is most active from September until May. 

This pack includes 2 X Va-Va-Voom traps each with 2 X 100 ml refills plus 3 X 500 ml refill bottles of Va-Va-Voom pesticide free attractant - that’s 15 extra refills.

The GEPRO Queensland organic fruit fly trap uses an attractant irresistible to male Queensland fruit flies.

When comparing fruit fly traps it is important to note the coverage , our superior trap and attractant covers around 1000 square metres.

Suitable for commercial, Organic and home growers.

Made in Australia for Australian conditions. 

Easy to use :

Pour 100ml of fruit fly attractant  into trap.

Place lid securely onto trap

Hang trap around 1.2 metres off the ground under shaded branch of Eastern side of tree

Check the level of the attractant regularly and top up as required, do not allow trap to dry out.

To dispose of the caught fruit fly we recommend digging a 300mm deep hole and empty contents , this will act as an organic fertilizer.



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