Clip On Extendable Handle Stainless Steel Garden Tool Set

Clip On Extendable Long Handle Stainless Steel Garden Tool Set 

Long Handled Paver Knife

  • Stainless steel
  • Sickle - Scraper - Knife
  • Ideal for cleaning pavers
    • Scrape moss from pavers or pathway
    • Dig into gaps between pavers to remove weeds
  • Fitted to a long handle to save backache

Long Handled Cultivator 

  • Stainless steel Cultivator
  • Ideal for loosening soil
  • Three prongs act like rake with weeds in the garden

Long Handled Fork

  • Small garden Fork
  • Stainless steel
  • Ideal for loosening soil

Long Handled Culti Hoe 

  • Cultivator and Hoe all in one
  • Ideal for breaking up soil
  • Stainless steel

Long Handled Trowel 

  • Stainless steel Transplanter (small trowel)
  • Ideal for creating hole in garden for new plants or seeds
  • Measurements in imperial and metric

Long Handled Weeder

  • Lawn weeder
  • Great angle for removing weeds from your lawn
  • Stainless steel


Clip On Handle - Extendable 

  • Lightweight aluminium handle weighing only 430g
  • Long clip on handle
  • Extends from 700mm up to 1130mm
  • Reduces the need to kneel or bend over when gardening
  • Easy to use twist lock mechanism
  • Clip on any of our stainless steel tools or interchangeable rake
  • Particularly good with cultivator, hoe, knife, hook and rake

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