Heavy Duty 5.5 Metre Pole Pruning Package Deal

Heavy Duty Pro Pruning Package

Get the total package for all your high reach pruning needs.


5.5 Metre Heavy Duty Pruning Pole 

Heavy Duty Professional Commercial Grade Pruning Pole to be used with heady duty saw, ratchet pruner or geared pruner.

 Work Higher, Smarter, Safer

3 Section High Reach Pruning Pole

  • Heavy Duty Long Reach Pruning Pole
  • Designed for commercial use and those with heavy pruning requirements
  • Extends from 2.1 metre to 5.5 metre NOTE: our poles are measured from base to tip so this pole is actually 5.5 metres in length
  • Add the heavy duty pruning saw and your own height to obtain a reach of approximately 7 metres
  • Weighs 2.1kg
  • Positive Clip and Locking System
  • All sections and parts on pole are replaceable

Heavy Duty Commercial Tree Top Pro Saw 

  • Chrome plated high carbon steel blade
  • Weight 380 gram without guard
  • 390mm tri-edge saw with 6.5mm teeth per 30mm
  • Cuts on pull stroke
  • Cuts up to 20cm with ease
  • Upper and lower sickle
  • Comes with protective guard
  • Spare blades now available

Heavy Duty Commercial Grade Gear Action Pruner 

  • This is one of the best pole pruners available
  • For use with our heavy duty pruning pole
  • Weight - 1.0kg
  • Guillotine cutting action with 5mm Teflon coated anvil blade
  • Geared action and quad pulley system offers more power with less effort
  • Will cut up to 40mm live and green timber
  • Three pulley clips retain rope near pole
  • Adjustable handle for rope
  • Chrome plated body
  • Spares Available:
    • Blade
    • Spring
    • Rope
    • Handle
    • Top Locking Clip
    • Middle Locking Clip
    • Bottom Locking Clip

Heavy Duty Short Handle For Pro Saw  

  • Weight - 175 gram
  • Length - 30cm
  • Saw clips and locks into handle
  • Convert your pole saw to a hand saw

Introductory Price $275.00 includes delivery in Perth metro area . 


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