Pruning Pole - High Reach 6.35 Metre Commercial Grade With Pole Saw

Pruning Pole - 3 Section 6.35M Heavy Duty, Work Higher, Safer Smarter

6.35M HD Pro Pruning Pole and Saw

One of the longest pruning poles available at a sensible price.

  • Telescopic Long Reach Pruning Pole
  • Extends from 1.9M to 6.35M
  • HD Pro Pole and Saw combined length is 6.8M - so 7.5M to 8.0M reach is attainable
  • Pole Weight 2.5Kg, Saw Weight 0.4Kg, Total 2.9Kg
  • Pole has positive clip and locking system with all sections replaceable
  • Saw is chrome plated high carbon steel, cuts on the pull stroke
  • 390mm tri-edge saw with 6.5mm teeth per 30mm
  • Saw has upper and lower sickle and comes with protective guard
  • For commercial use or those with plenty of high reach pruning requirements
  • Made in Taiwan 

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