Surface Insect Spray - All Natural Herbal, Non Toxic

The GEPRO Amazing Herbal Anti Insect Surface Spray.

The Amazing GEPRO Herbal Anti-Insect Surface Spray  is an ALL NATURAL formula for flies, mealybugs, mosquitoes, millipedes, ants, spiders and other parasites, to be used in and around the homes as a surface spray.

Very safe and easy to use around pets areas , poultry pens, stables , kennels, fly screens, door frames, cupboards, behind sinks and fridges etc.

This is a great surface spray for campers also, keep disease carrying mozzies away.      

This product is pet safe.

Perfect for protecting your barbeque in between using against crawling insects.  

The ALL NATURAL, herbal formula is chemical free, non-toxic and totally safe for small children or animals.

Economical as only small amount needs to be used and proven to be longer lasting than other products, up to 3 months protection.

You will be amazed at the protection provided in the most extreme mosquito, millipedes and fly infested areas.

This product is for customers who want to protect their home naturally chemical free.

It’s designed and made in Western Australia for Australian conditions.

 Introductory offer 2 X 1 litre bottles for $65.00 

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