Verigrow- All Purpose Fertiliser And Soil Improver

Verigrow is an AUSTRALIN MADE innovative all-purpose fertiliser and soil improver made using 100% Australian low grade wool.

Verigrow comes in a concentrate. Dilute appropriately prior to use.

Home gardens

For a 1L or 5L bottle, use a capful for every two litre of water. Ensure thorough mixing prior to use.

When to use

Verigrow is a flexible product and fits a wide range of farming practices. It can be used in higher doses, less frequently, or lower doses, more frequently.

Verigrow is mixed with water during its application and can therefore be used in any season, wet or dry. Verigrow can be used prior to seeding to improve the soil condition, during seeding or after seeding.

Pre-plant application can be beneficial. It allows the nitrogen to penetrate below the top layer of the soil where it can later be accessed by crops.

We recommend use every 4-6 weeks; however, Verigrow can be applied more frequently to further improve yields.


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