freshnails - the undernail sanitizer ™ Special Price 6 for $20 including postage.

For total hand hygiene introducing The World's Only Undernail Sanitizer ™

After 15 years of research and development the result is freshnails™, a revolutionary all in one hygiene and grooming product unlike anything else on the market. 

freshnails™ is the direct result of extensive collaboration with the medical community and will reduce the germ and bacteria count under your fingernails and lower the risk of common infections.   

freshnails promotes healthier day care, classroom and hospital environments.  

Proper nail care extends far beyond manicures and nail polish

freshnails not only cleans under your nails but also sanitizes them without the need for water, soap or a sink.

Use freshnails™ to remove harmful germs and bacteria, kills 99.99% of germs and bacteria underneath your fingernails.

freshnails™ contains six essential moisturizers and antioxidants , plus a unique blend of alcohol.

Facts :

  • men have 80% more bacteria underneath their fingernails than their female counterparts  
  • 80% of germs are spread by our hands
  • 15% of mobile phones contain fecal matter
  • keyboards have 60 X more germs than a toilet seat
  • keyboards have 150 X over the acceptable limit for bacteria levels  
  • thousands of germs and bacteria live on your hands and millions live under your fingernails  
  • there are more bacteria under a fingernail than under a toilet seat



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