Garden Weeder - Weedho Stand Up Weeder - No More Bending

Weedho - Stand Up Weeder - No More Bending Or Kneeling

  • Designed in Australia - for tough Australian weeds 
  • High quality, sturdy and easy to use.
  • Removes weeds, roots and all
  • This weeder takes the pain out of weeding by eliminating the need to kneel or bend
  • Use your own weight to dig prongs into ground behind the weed, squeeze handles, lever out 
  • Use device to repair ground
  • No poisons or chemicals required (help save our environment)
  • Good for Dockweed, Dandelion, Paterson's Curse, Horehound, Bindii, Plantain, Black Medic, Parramatta Grass (Sporobolis Africanis), Paspalum and MORE 
  • Total length: 90cm
  • Weight 1.3Kg

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