GEPRO Organics Amazing MAGNA Combo Fly or Wasp Trap

The GEPRO Amazing MAGNA Fly Trap or Wasp Trap is proven to be highly effective at attracting all common varieties of flies and dangerous wasps. By placing the trap in a suitable location slightly away from the house the organic baits draw and trap hundreds of flies or wasps, away from your home , family and pets.

Suitable for the European Wasp. 

You will be amazed how many flies or wasps this trap catches making your outdoor area more enjoyable.  

For outdoor use only and totally safe for children and pets , no chemicals poisons or toxins. 

Contains 1 trap , 1 fly bait , 1 wasp bait plus we have included an 4 extra fly baits and 2 extra wasp baits. 

Made in Australia for Australian conditions, excluding the wasp trap baits which are made in America

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