High Reach Telescopic Water Flow Cleaning Pole Extends 1.9 up to 5 Metres

High Reach Cleaning Pole

  • One of the longest non-commercial window cleaning poles available
  • Attach a standard hose connection to the fitting at base of pole and feed water through the pole
  • Extends from 1.9 metres up to 5 metres
  • Weighs just 1.2kg without water
  • Sturdy three section pole with two internal extensions
  • Use with or without water flow  
  • Has 2 grip pads which can be moved for comfort
  • Numerous cleaning attachments available (some with water flow)
  • Attachments simply screw onto the top using a universal screw thread
  • Excellent tool to have around the home or workplace
    • Clean your second floor windows, 
    • Clean your gutters,
    • Clean your walls,
    • Clean your eaves, 
    • Clean your solar panels,
    • Clean your caravan, truck and more....

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