Pest Free PRO Unit - Mouse, Pest, Rodent and Rat Control 350 Square Metres

PLUG IN Pest Free® 


  • Suitable for the average size home
  • Covers up to 350sqm
  • HACCP International Certified
  • Effective against rats, mice, and aids in the control of cockroaches
  • 60 day money back guarantee
  • 2 year manufacturer's warranty
Our PRO and Commercial Pest Management Systems are the only electromagnetic (pesticide and chemical free) products to be certified by HACCP International.

May also aid in the control of most*:

  • Ants
  • Spiders
  • Bats
  • Bees
  • Silverfish
  • Geckos
  • Possums
  • Squirrels
  • Bed Bugs

    *The above mentioned pests are based on overwhelming anecdotal customer feedback from our happy Pest Free customers who have reported back to us their own individual success stories. 

    The above mentioned pests are most common with our customer feedback but are not limited to just those pests.

    World Leader in Electromagnetic Pest Control Technology

    The Most Trusted Name In Electronic Pest And Rodent Control Around The World 

    Welcome to the Pest Free Australia where you can deter those annoying rodents and pests in your home or business with the most effective electronic pest control product on the market today.
    Electromagnetic pest control has massively increased in popularity all over the world in the past few years.
    Many people are moving away from using poisons and other inhumane and dangerous methods.
    Instead, people are opting for something that is much more child and pet-friendly for their home, not to mention a far more humane way to control their rodent and pest problems.
    Our electromagnetic pest and rodent deterring devices are scientifically tested and consumer proven against rats, mice and to aid in the control of cockroaches.


    Our Scientifically Tested & Patented Technology has been proven against rats, mice and to aid in the control of cockroaches.


    The technology behind our electromagnetic pest control devices have been patented in and our devices are made of high-quality material so we may include a 2 year manufacturers parts and labour warranty. There is no lead used in the manufacture of our pest control devices; you are using environmentally friendly protection for your home or business.


    Ultrasonic devices emit ultrasonic waves that are undetectable to human hearing; however, they can cause distress to pet animals as their hearing is much more sensitive. Ultrasonic waves only work in a “direct line of sight” and do not penetrate walls or other obstacles such as the cavities of your walls where most pests and rodents live and breed. This lack of penetration renders most ultrasonic devices useless and to achieve a minimal affect may require a device in every room. Electromagnetic pest control causes no discomfort to pets (aside pet rats and mice naturally) and is a much more effective form of pest control than ultrasonic devices.


    The PLUG IN Pest Free device plugs into an electrical socket and the device sends regular bursts of electromagnetic pulses along the active wiring of your home or business which is scientifically proven to deter rats, mice and aid in the control of cockroaches. People have used a variety of different things to try and get rid of rats and mice; now, instead of going around your property with spray bottles or traps, plug in your Pest Free device and enjoy the benefits it will bring you in pest and rodent control. We stress the obvious importance of general cleanliness and hygiene of course


    Electromagnetic PLUG IN Pest Free®
    vs Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

    Our Pest Free uses technology more effective than ultrasonic pest repellers to alter the existing electromagnetic field within a buildings structure.

    Our patented Pest Free technology is more effective than ultrasonic pest control devices and will not effect cats, dogs, birds, computers or the electricity flow in a building. It is family safe, environmentally responsible, long term cost effective and maintenance free. Pest Free is a more humane way to tackle your rodent and pest control needs.

    Compared to Ultrasonic Devices

    1. An ultrasonic device only has an effect on insects or vermin when they are in a direct line of sight with the device.

    2. Ultrasonic devices cannot penetrate into or behind cupboards, drawers, wardrobes, furniture, other obstacles or walls where pests actually nest and breed.

    3. To effectively control insect and vermin activity by an ultrasonic device, you would require one unit per room including one unit in the roof cavity to effectively control a home. This of course, is only effective if the pests are in a direct line of sight of the device. For example: If an ultrasonic device was operating in a room and there was a mouse or cockroach one meter away from the device, either behind a closed kitchen cupboard door, behind a couch or under a refrigerator, the ultrasonic device would have a zero effect on the mouse or cockroach.

    Ultrasonic Company Claims

    1. Most companies claim that one unit is only required to effectively cover thousands of square feet in a home. This could be true if the home was an open type structure with no internal walls.


    2. They stipulate that their device rids homes of dozens of types of insects and rodents without any form of scientific or analytical testing to back their claims.

    Electromagnetic (Pest Free) Devices

    Many products in today’s market claim to use electromagnetic technology. Pest Free has had many of the current competitors’ products tested by an independent engineer with little or no results. You will find that these other products will have no scientific testing at all.

    1. Pest Free devices operate by switching a coil across the active and neutral leads of the electrical wiring. This produces short bursts of electro-motive force at 50Hz/60Hz which feeds down the wiring, effectively pulse modulating the existing electromagnetic field created by the 50Hz/60Hz supply at the frequency of these bursts as the coil is switched “on” and “off”. Put simply, electromagnetic devices, when plugged into a normal power supply outlet, utilizes the existing electromagnetic field already contained within a building. It pulses at predetermined intervals to effect the sensitive metabolism of rodents and pests.

    2. Pest Free devices go straight to the heart of where cockroaches and vermin nest and breed, turning their once friendly environment into a now hostile environment, effectively driving them OUT!

    3. Pest Free devices penetrate through walls, cupboards, drawers, and where pests reside quite happily.

    4. There is a PLUG IN Pest Free® model to suit most homes sizes that will cover the entire home including basements and roof cavities.


    5. Analytical as well as scientific testing have been carried out on Pest Free devices, which unequivocally consequently supports our claims that they do effect the metabolism of rats, mice and aid in the control of cockroaches.



    Electromagnetic devices will give you a genuine Pest Free home from pests residing within those premises. Ultrasonic devices will only stop pests from being within a direct line of sight of the device in a home. These pests will still be able to carry out their normal day to day functions, including breeding within the cupboards and walls of a home or business as normal.



    PLUG IN Pest Free® World Leader in Electromagnetic Pest Control Technology

    Pest Free when in operation, alters the background of the existing electromagnetic field already contained within a buildings structure. The unit operates by switching a coil across the Active and Neutral leads of the electrical supply wiring. This produces short bursts of electro-motive force at 50Hz/60Hz, which feeds down the wiring effectively pulse modulating the existing electromagnetic field created by the 50Hz/60Hz supply at the frequency of these bursts, as the coil is switched on and off.

    Our Pest Free technology will not affect cats, dogs, birds, computers, electrical appliances, security alarm systems, pacemakers, WiFi’s, or the electricity flow in a building. It is family safe, environmentally responsible, long-term cost effective and maintenance free. Pest Free is the more humane way of controlling your rodent and pest problems without the use of harmful toxic pesticides and other harsh poisons.

    If you care about the future of our environment and your family, you need to Plug-In a Pest Free into your home or business. No Pesticides, No Fumes,
    No Smell, No Mess.

    Pest Free isn’t designed to kill, but to drive away and deter. Although many Pest Free customers may find smaller pests laying around dehydrated and/or dead. If you are currently experiencing rodent and pest problems, we suggest you try PLUG IN Pest Free®.

    Join the millions of consumers around the world using PLUG IN Pest Free® in their homes and businesses TODAY!


    Our products are manufactured to meet the highest standards and are UL approved.


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