Water Cleanser - Clean Troughs, Aquariums, Ponds, Tanks - No Chemicals

The Water Cleanser - Chemical Free Cleaning For 

Swimming Pools, Aquatic Centres, Aquariums, Ponds,Water Features, Water Tanks, Animal Troughs.

No Mess, No Fuss, Natural Probiotic 

Chemical Free, Environmental Solution - for keeping your water clean

 the Water Cleanser has been used all around the world with far-reaching applications with natural probiotics to maintaining precise probiotics for the health of potable water from village wells in third world countries to the water health in small fish tanks at home.

The initial product for the aquarium industry was launched in 2009, from there the pool products were developed and now it is providing clean water worldwide.

In your swimming pool...

The Water Cleanser is not a substitute for Chlorine; it assists the use of chlorine to eliminate chlorinated hydrocarbons which occur in pools over time.

Chlorinated hydrocarbons are extremely poisonous and they mess with the pool’s functioning system. They originate from natural oils from our bodies; that’s why allowing dogs in pools makes maintaining a healthy pool extremely difficult, as dogs produce more natural oils from their skin than humans.

What actually occurs?

An oil molecule attaches to two chlorine molecules to create a chlorinated hydrocarbon. The Water Cleanser enhances naturally occurring Bacillus Bacteria species which produces enzymes that crack this attachment and turn the oil molecule into carbon dioxide, then releasing the chlorine molecules. This then allows your pool to function in the way it was designed.

This natural system stabilizes chemicals within your swimming pool system as they can now function according to how they were meant to.water purifier water purifier.

You can’t use flocculants with Alloys in them with The Water Cleanser as these alloys kill the good bacteria growing on the block, causing the collapse of your pool system.

Value & Benefits

  • Clearer Water

  • Cleaner, Healthier Water

  • Dramatically less chemical use

  • Reduces need for cleaning

  • It is completely natural, safe and environmentally friendly

  • Improve the efficiency of your pool

  • Acts as a natural flocculent

How to use the Water Cleanser for swimming pools...

  • Place block in the skimmer box

  • Suitable for salt and freshwater pools

  • For best results, water temperature needs to be under 34ºC

  • If your pool is cloudy or dirty we recommend doubling the dosage for the first time.

  • This product will not work with UV lights

  • DO NOT – do leave The Water Cleanser block in direct sunlight when out of the water as it will melt! Place the block in the shade whilst cleaning the skimmer box or vacuuming.

  • DO NOT use flocculants with The Water Cleanser

In your aquarium or pond...

Naturally occurring aquatic bacterial group, the Bacillus spp play a crucial role in nutrient recycling that results in the provision of food source for other microorganisms.

Their presence results in eliminating ammonia and nitrite and lower nitrate and phosphate levels from aquatic ecosystems.

Value & Benefits

  • Greatly reduced maintenance -more time between cleaning filters.

  • Enhance filter efficiency

  • Less frequent water changes

  • Healthier water with fewer fish infections

  • Completely natural and environmentally friendly

  • Inexpensive to buy

  • Saves you on costs and time

  • Very easy to use (we have a range of product to suit your aquarium or pond)


How to use The Water Cleanser for aquarium and ponds...

  • Place The Water Cleanser where the water flow is greatest.
  • Make sure the filter inlet is no higher than 25mm from the bottom of your tank.
  • The Water Cleanser is highly effective with all sponge filters and internal power filters.
  • External bio-filters should be placed level or below the bottom of the tank.
  • When filters are placed higher than the tank, The Water Cleanser will be less effective, unless there is high water flow and the pickup is no more than 25mm from the bottom of the tank.Hang-on filters are not ideal for use with The Water Cleanser. You can improve the outcome by placing a sponge over the inlet pipe or changing to an internal sponge filter.
  • With The Water Cleanser, organic material will settle on the bottom of the tank. If the filter pick-ups are situated in the middle or top of the tank, the processed waste may build up and look unsightly.
  • Where underwater plants are in pots with slow-release fertilisers,  the water may not look clear.
  • Once fully working you can have higher stocking density with faster recovery times.

Use with ... Internal Power Filters

Very Good

Use 1 ball to every 200L and place them into the bottom sponge compartment of the filter. 

Internal filters may have 1,2 or 3 compartments, depending on the size of the aquarium. Use a filter with 3 sponge compartments for best results, but if you use the two compartment type, just chop the bottom sponge in half and place the pieces below it.

Use with ... Canister Aquarium Filters

Very Good

These are great filter systems, but they must be set up below the tank or level with the tank. Make sure the inlet is no higher than 25mm (1 inch) from the bottom of the tank. Do not have the system higher than the tank as it will be less effective and the water may not be as clean.

Use with ... Internal Sponge Filters

Very Good

These filters work well in your pond. Place at the lowest point in your pond. 

When cleaning the filters sponge, squirt it under a hose and squeeze the waste out, then place straight back into your pond. 

Do not dry the sponge as it is full of good bacteria. The pond will go a little murky after cleaning but it should clear within 24 hours.

Use with ... Hang-On Tank Filter Systems

Not Ideal

The Water Cleanser is not so effective with these systems, due to the height of the filter and the lower water flow. If you use this filter system, make sure the water inlet is 25mm from the bottom of the tank and place a sponge over the inlet.

How much product do I need?

The simple solution is 1kg per 100m2; however we may increase or decrease the dosage depending on the water quality, water flow and desired speed of result. You cannot overdose this product.

How long will it take to work?

In stagnant water the process will take longer - up to 10 weeks. Also existing water quality affects the speed of results. The first thing you will notice is the lake will go from green to brown and a reduction in odour. If you require a fast result, call us on adding bacterial treatments with The Water Cleanser

Why has the lake gone from green to brown?

This is good, Blue green algae (cyanobacteria) is toxic and the lake going brown means that diatoms have taken over which are safe to all life and apart of the lakes food chain

What is the best type of Water Cleanser Block to be used and why? Floating vs Sinking.

Generally floating blocks promote aerobic and sinking anaerobic but this depends on aeration and other factors.

How does The Water Cleanser affect Ph

The Water Cleanser does not effect pH.

How safe is the product?

The Water Cleanser is completely safe to all forms of life. Nothing is being released into the water.

The APVMA has approved this product and does not require registration under the Act.

the Water Cleanser 4 ball pack treats aquariums and small ponds

1 ball for each 50,000 litres of water

the Water Cleanser 14 ball treats larger fish ponds and tanks, 

1 ball for each 50,000 litres of water

the Water Cleanser Block 200 gram treats 1000 litres

the Water Cleanser Block 1kg treats up to 50,000 litres

the Water Cleanser Block 3kg treats up to 150,000 litres




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